Cool Rocket Fleet Edition - Space Tub

The newest addition to the Cool Rockets line.  Made of cold-cast polyresin and hand-finished, the Space Tub is a real comic piece.  The look is inspired by a couple of different “Mighty Mouse” story images.  A solid and well-balanced rocket! The Space Tub gives a real sense of motion and space perched on the end of it’s cartoony trail of  blast-off smoke, leaving no doubt that it’s in a big hurry to get somewhere.  The hand-applied rusty patina gives the Space Tub that well-used retro look that has come to define Cool Rockets.

8" Resin cast rocket

Set Includes:
1 x Space Tub
1 x Display Stand
1 x certificate of authenticity

Price: $59.95 Qty:
Special Order

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