Welcome to the LNCollections Miscellaneous Toys sections, here we have placed all the coolest, alternative toys we can find for you to explore. Take a look around, click on links and explore our Miscellaneous Toys.
Gift Certificate
Gift Certificates
Give the gift of Uber Nerdness by purchasing a special Gift Certificate and letting your Uber Nerd choose the cool toy for themselves. Click here
Stikfas Cuboyds
Meet the Cuboyds, a whole new angle on the classic Stikfas range. A new generation is born into the Stikfas family, collect them all!!! Click here
Stikfas Alpha Male
Stikfas 14" Alpha Male - Bronze
It's a monument to the best darn toy ever! This limited edition Giant Bronze Stikfas towers over your other toys, making this a real centerpiece Click here
Stikfas MBears
We are pleased to introduce the Stikfas Mbear, a little mascot for those memorable moments of magic, mystery, mischief or merriment! Click here
RC Tanks
They live deep in the enchanted forest smurfing there days through. Now you can be Gargamel and collect them all... Smurftastic!!! Click here
Cool Rockets
Cool Rockets
Cool retro styles of the 1950's! All hand made, painted , & detailed! 100% original!! The coolest Rockets for your space travel needs! Click here
KootiKooti™ is a new addictive and interactive wrestling stiks game that guarantees hours of fun-filled challenges! Click here
Mighty Muggs
Mighty Muggs
Mighty Muggs are Urban vinyl collectible figures, chunky, edgy and full of attitude! Based on the most popular pop-culture icons in the world Click here
Mindeyez Studios
Mindzeye Studios - All Mindzeye Statues are highly detailed, limited to 1000 copies and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Click here
Beantown Beans
Beantown Beans
Designed by local artists and musicians, "the Bean" is brought to life by an innovative and fresh collective of creative talent, a very collectable toy. Click here
LNC Apparel
The LNC - Uber Nerd Apparel. Regularly updated with new Original Artwork Apparel, to make truely unique shirts. Stand out from the crowd. Click here
RC Tanks
Radio Controlled Battle Tanks
Airsoft Armed Radio Controlled Battle Tanks. Get two and battle it out with these real-fire Battle Tank. Check out our fully deployed range. Click here