Welcome to the LNCollections Store News & Promotions page. Here we will keep you updated on all LNC events, promotions and our plans for upcoming conventions we will be attending.
For an Unlimited Time Stikfas Custom Cases - You can now make your own mixed 'custom cases' of Stikfas, just add any mix of Eight (8) Stikfas kits, thats Mega, Regular, Deluxe, Lite, Dino or Blister Packs to your shopping cart and a 'custom case' discount is applied automatically to your order.
08/14/2008 - LNCollections & Stikshop is now closed for the foreseeable future, a number of factors lead to this decision. I am deeply saddened to close the store doors as is signals an end of a dream for me. I thank you all for your support and see you around the hobby boards sometime. Arigato ;)
05/31/2008 - We are on the look out for local conventions on the East Coast, within easy reach of our homebase (Southern Maryland). Look out for more concention news here. Or if you know of one, please email us at storemaster@lncollections.com
05/23/2008 - LNCollections & Stikshop Grand Re-Opening :) Its good to back... Now check out the Stikfas & Alternative Toys Goodness :D
05/16/2008 - LNCollections& Stikshop is closed until Friday May 23rd for Inventory, maintenence, a slight re-vamp and to give the staff a mini-vaction. See you all in a weeks time :)
03/21/2008 - LNCollections& Stikshop have put together a very special deal to bring you the very best in Stikfas pricing. We are happy, and very proud to announce our

Special Order Stikfas Pricing

20-25% Off Regular Price!
One Month Only! Here are the prices

Bronze 14” Stikfas MSRP $99.95 - Special Order $64.95
Mega Packs MSRP $21.95 - Special Order $15.95
Deluxe Pack MSRP $17.95 - Special Order $12.95
Regular Packs MSRP $11.95 - Special Order $7.95
Lite Pack MSRP $8.95 - Special Order $5.95
Lite Blisters MSRP $7.95 - Special Order $5.95
Blister Packs MSRP $4.95 - Special Order $3.95
Cuboyds03 MSRP $5.95 - Special Order $4.95
Cuboyds02 MSRP $4.95 - Special Order $3.95
MBear MSRP $4.95 - Special Order $3.95

Here is how it works, we are able to offer you these crazy prices under these conditions.

1. All items are Special Order, which means when you place your order it will be shipped to you 7-10 business days from the date you placed it with us.

2. Your Order will be Special Ordered direct from the North America Stikfas Distributor*, passing on the savings directly to you

If you are prepared to wait you can save some serious cash, so take advantage of us.

*We place our Order with our Distributor every Friday at 12pm. Special Sale Orders received by us prior to 11am on Friday are included, if they are placed after 11am on Friday they are included in the next order cycle. This sale excludes Retro kits & Low Stock Items. Stikfas sets on Special Order that go to Pre-Order status will be sent out when they are come back In Stock. Stikfas sets on Special Order that go Out of Stock and wont be returning via Pre-Order with the North American Distributor will be refunded with Store Credit.

03/08/2008 - LNC Sponsored Websites, in our ongoing effort to open up the Stikfas hobby we've built a new Stikfas related website called Stikfans.com We hope to build Stikfans into a huge community resource for all Stikfas Fans, at the moment Stikfans.com is full of entries for News, Websites, Customs and other interesting Stikfas stuff. Check it out here.

Thank you for your donations to Toys for Tots

We would like to thank everyone that donated a Toy during our Toys for Toys program. We are gathering them all together now, and will be donating them on your behalf on December 8th :) Thank you for taking the time to share this Holiday Season.

09/10/2007 - Wow, the Baltimore Comic-con has been and gone!!! Thank you to everyone who came by to say hello, and if you didn't make it this year we hope you can next time!!! With posted the Postcard from Larry Stikfas website - http://www.travelingstik.com, check out the pictures and of course drop by to say thank you to Larry ;)

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09/07/2007 - Baltimore Comic-con is finally here!!! For the next three days LNC is going to be at the Baltimore Convention center for one of the coolest comic book conventions on the East Coast, and we hope to see you there!!!

We will be located at the start of the Artist Alley and will be twice as big as last year! Be sure to check out our display area, and the LNC crew will be on hand to talk about your favorite cool toy, or offer advice for your next Stikfas custom. Plus just like last year we are offering our booth space to any StikFan or LNC regular as home base for the entire event, a place to stash your goodies as you explore the BCC.

This year LNC will be showing and selling...

The Classic Stikfas Alpha Male Military Exclusive
Fight-DiceTM – Rapid Action Dice Combat Game
Onell Design Figure – The Glyos System Figures
A couple of cool Niche Toys
And... The newest edition to our range Beantown Beans!!!

For more information about Baltimore Comic-con event click the banner below.

09/03/2007 - We are going to Baltimore Comic-con announcement on Stikfas HQ - See you all there

08/31/2007 - Well we are one week away from the Baltimore Comic-con, seven days from the second biggest East Coast Comic-con and one of the coolest conventions of the year. Last year we occupied a tiny corner of this event and were overwhelmed by everyones response to the Niche Toys that we brought.

This year we are twice as big, and now we are now only a week away, we can confirm the cool Toy line up for this year.

This year LNC will be showing and selling...

Stikfas & our Classic Alpha Male Military Exclusive
Fight-DiceTM – Rapid Action Dice Combat
Onell Design Figures – the Glyos System Figures

Click the banner below to reserve your tickets today!

08/29/2007 - Location, location, location... Three very important words, so where will we be located at Baltimore Comic-con? You will be able to find us at the very start of the Artist Alley section the same cool #1 position we took over last year! We will be packing lots of Stikfas goodness, sneak peaks at the new Evangelion kits that are coming out soon and a whole pleathora of customs, and our own unique selection of top quality niche toys!!!

Click the banner below to reserve your tickets today!

08/20/2007 - Oh yeah, this is a good one :) LNCollections is pleased to announce that we will be bringing the unique Onell Design Action Figure Line to Baltimore Comic-con. The Glyos System is a NEW range of Action Figures and perhaps one the most unique toys out there! This new line is hot collectors item and you can check them out at our Booth at Baltimore Comic-con

Click the banner below to reserve your tickets today!

08/04/2007 - LNCollections is proud to announce our show exclusive. With much thanks to Saizon, we have been allowed to sell the Comic Con Exclusive Classis Alpha Male Military Kit. This is the Stikfas Kits that started it all, and this reissue is the perfect chance for all Stikfas Collectors to get hold of it! We look forward to seeing you all there.

08/01/2007 - LNCollections will be at Baltimore Comic-con 2007 on September 8-9, and are going to be twice as big this year!!! This is your chance to meet the motley crew of LNC, both Nick and Louise will be there, along with the LNC Customer Service Girls Angel & Jeana. There is even a rumor that Larry the Traveling Stik will be on hand to sign autographs!

Also be sure we will be bringing a lots of Stikfas goodness for you to get your hands on at this event and of course our usual line of cool niche toys, such as Smurfs, Voodoo Babies, Heroclix, Fight-DiceTM and Turds (yes you read that right!) We hope you come along and visit us, we hope to have a few exclusives for this event and to run a couple of fun Stikfas orientated competitions.

And yes, our Booth will be open for all LNC fans to drop off there stuff as they transverse Baltimore Comic-con More details as we confirm them so be sure to visit this section again soon!!!

Now Click the banner below to reserve your tickets today!

06/18/2007 - Stikshop Build Off 2007 is featured on Stikfas.com News :)

11/12/2006 - Over the Month of October we ran a special Pimp your Stikfas Ride Competition, where Stikfas Owners all over the world could show off there Stikfas and there rides. On November 12th 2006 we choose the winners of this fun competition and you can view them by clicking the banner below.

Pimp your Stikfas Ride Competition

11/02/2006 - For the next Four Days until November 5th, LNCollections will be at the Arundel Mill Mall as part of the Stack House Events Road Show. We are located right in the center of the Food Court, just keep your eyes out for the Stikfas Signs and the LNC Crew. Here are some pictures of our Booth below...

As you can see we've brought a huge selection of our Niche Toys from Stikfas to Mighty World, we hope you can drop by and say hello. Arundel Mills Mall is located on Route 100 off I-97.

10/27/2006 - Well all our plans are in place for the Stack House Events Collectable Road Show at Arundel Mills Mall Show, near Hanover, MD. We will be brings all our Niche Toys and our Stikfas Customs - including Larry Stikfas of travelingstik.com fame. See you there... The show starts on November 2nd and end November 5th and is open during all Mall Hours. The entire LNC Crew will be there and looking forward to seeing you there...

10/19/2006 - Great News, LNCollections is joining the Stack House Events Collectable Road Show for there Arundel Mills Show. The Road Show will be visiting the Arundel Mills Mall in Maryland from November 2nd through to November 5th 2006 and LNC will be in attendence for all four days!!!

This is a great chance for you to pick up our Niche Toys without having to pay any shipping, plus check out our Toys first hand and talk to the LNC staff. We plan to bring Stikfas, Cuboyds, Kooti-Kooti, Shockinis, Star Wars Keychains and our Mighty World Play Figures to this show... Plus whatever else we can dig up in the stockroom.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

09/13/2006 - A montage of candid pictures taken from our point of view at the Batlimore Comic-con 2006. Pictures features the entire LNC Staff including; Louise - General Manager, Nick D - Marketing Manager and Angel & Jeana - Customer Response Team. Enjoy and thank you again for everyone who stopped by for a chat.


09/12/2006 - Well, the Baltimore Comic-con is now over :( And what a hectic few days it has been for us!!! We managed to meet a couple of you Guys and we are sorry we didn't get much chance to really talk!!! Yeah, we were busy checking out the con ourselves and getting rushed off our feet by Stikfans. Over the next couple of days we will be posting pictures of the event here, but until then thank you and we look forward to seeing you all next year :)

09/09/2006 - Its finally here!!! The Baltimore Comic-con is this weekend!!! Come and join us at this mega-event. You can find us in the Artist Alley and we are Table#1 We look forward to seeing you there and come on over to say hello :)

09/02/2006 - Okay we are now one week away before we see you all at the Baltimore Comic-con. We are looking forward to putting some faces to names and to enjoy the convetion itself.

We can confirm that we will be demo-ing Fight Dice™ and Kooti-Kooti. Plus we are happy to say we will be bringing some of our new Mighty World items and a couple of our RC Tanks to this event as well. And we've snagged a few Star Wars Keychains!!! See you all in in week!!!

08/11/2006 - Great News, we've just got our first set of Comic-con exclusive figures. Representing the Shockinis will the uber-neat Glow-in-the-Dark Toxic Avenger.

Toxic Avenger - Comic-con ExclusiveThis cool Shockini was a San Diego Exclusive and we at LNCollections have been lucky enough to get out hands on some. Be sure to hit us up for one at our booth in the Artist Alley be quick our supply is limited and once he is gone, he gone forever!!!

08/08/2006 - A quick update for our plans for the Batlimore Comic-con.

First we want to extend an open invitation to any of our Customers or Stikfas Fanatic Asylum to use our area at this event as a Base-camp. This means you wont have to lug around bags all day. Louise LNCollections GM will be running games of Kooti-Kooti all day, so don't forget to challenge her to game.

Plus if you bring any Stikfas or Shockini customs to the show, we want to display them for you, a chance for you to show off your work to the masses. We look forward to seeing you all there... And its only 31 days to go!!!

07/28/2006 - LNCollections & StikfasUSA will be at Baltimore Comic-con this year, you will be able to locate us in the Artist Alley.

We will be showcasing and selling Stikfas, Cuboyds, Stikfas Related Accessories and Shockinis. We plan to demo KootiKooti and Fight-Dice, both of which will be available to purchase from our booth over the weekend.

We hope to be able to bring a few exclusives (hard-to-find items) to Baltimore Comic-con as well
So if you are in the area on September 9th - 10th come visit us in the Artist Alley and meet the StikfasUSA staff. Your welcome to hang out, play a game of KootiKooti and find out what Fight-Dice is all about. We look forward to seeing you there.

Baltimore Comic-con Banner
Click here to learn more about the Baltimore Comic-con