Imprinted StikfasImprinted Promotional Stikfas
The rising popularity of promotional items and corporate gifts have created a new realm to reach your target audience. An effective way to advertise your business is to think outside the box with the creative placement of promotional items and printed corporate gifts.

Put your message on the best darn toy every made!

Stikfas are a cult super-poseable action figures which have swept across Asia, America and have a worldwide growing appeal. Stikfas are fully inter-changeable across the entire range with 'snap-together' ball and joint mechanism. The versatility of this toy is amazing!

Stikfas already inhabit the desks of many offices, and pop-up in the oddest of places. They are without doubt one of the most innovative, original toys you will ever see. The perfect tool to promote and advertise your company message.

Here are a few examples of what you can use your Imprinted Stikfas for
1. Free Giveaways for business promotion.
2. Special events, like trade shows, parties or anniversaries.
3. Sold as exclusives.
4. Education and communication programs.

Promotional StikfasStikfas Alpha Male Figure
14 Points of Articulation 3" Action Figure
Available in Tan, White, Black & Royal Blue

PixelStik Alpha Male Tan
PixelStik Alpha White
PixelStik Alpha Male
PixelStik Alpha Royal Blue

Min Qty 100-250 251-500 501-1000 1000+
One Color Logo $3.70ea $3.55ea $3.50ea $3.45ea
Two Color Logo $4.40ea $4.05ea $3.95ea $3.90ea

Red, Green, Yellow and other custom colors are also available.
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Have fun with your next promotion,
use Stikfas and be seen!